Wednesday, July 2, 2008

20 Things That Make Me Smile

20 Things To Make Me Smile
(Tagged by Mom)

1. Horses

2. My sister Jolene

3. My family

4. playing with our dog Cami

5. Play dates

6. Ice cream

7. My favorite stuffed animals

8. Watermelon

9. My birthday

10. Webkins

11. Rainbow Magic books

12. Doing crafts

13. Swimming

14. Golfing

15. When grandma and pop pop come

16. family pizza/movie nights

17. riding my bike

18. going on walks with mom, Jolene and our friends

19. Family vacations

20. Seeing great grandma Pearl

I tag Sydney, Jordan, Aunt Kristen


Anonymous said...

Hi Raychel,
Check out our blog, your uncle Craig took some pictures for you.

Ashers said...

Man.... some of these things make me smile to. To bad I dont have a webkins!

sydney said...

yah,of course,yo tag tag me,
I write those things the question asked me and I'd tag someone else.It goes on and on and on until
someone doesn't have anyone to tag.
(not really,just kidding!)

okay,I have GOT to stop doing that!